Students design artwork to honour great black Britons

When a creative challenge was posed around Black History Month, the diverse range of art and digital entries amazed staff.

Haslingden High School’s head of Visual Arts Sally Tembo said: “Every day we sent out a profile of a great black Briton and they ranged from rapper Stormzy to Claudia Jones who founded the Notting Hill Carnival.

“They were asked to do something creative that celebrated their life and achievements and the range of art that came in included animations, a dance, poetry, a speech as well as digital presentations; not just art in the traditional sense.

“We were looking to build awareness not just among students so the information was also sent to all members of staff as well.

“We are all on a learning curve about our black history in the UK and I was staggered by the quality and variety of work that has been sent in.”

There will be a display in school and a virtual exhibition will be set up on the school’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

The entries came mostly from Years 7 and 8 but students up to Sixth Form also submitted work.



Year 12 student Amy Barlow depicted the first black footballer to play for England Viv Anderson with a plan of the slave ships under his boots, appearing as studs from a distance.

Lillian Collins, Year 8, with her tree adorned with the names of remarkable individuals from the British black community both historical and contemporary. She used a range of materials even employing a paper crafting method called quilling.