Student goes online to help others with free revision sessions

AN OUTSTANDING GCSE student dedicated her own time through lockdown and now into her A-level year to help others to achieve in maths.

Olivia Doody, 16, from Rawtenstall, set up an Instagram account ‘Revise with Livs’ where she would help fellow students with their revision.

The Haslingden High School student soon attracted more than 1,400 followers and now runs an online Zoom meeting every Wednesday evening where students can help each other and learn how to tackle exam-style questions.

Headteacher Mark Jackson said: “I would like to say thank you to Olivia for putting so much time and effort into helping other people.

“This is a fantastic offer and she has thought it through extremely carefully.”

In Year 6 at Balladen Primary School, Rawtenstall, Olivia passed for Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, but because her twin brother Lewis was going to Haslingden High School she did not want to be separated from him.

She said: “Haslingden High has been so good and I love it there. I started the revision sessions because I was looking online and saw private tutors were charging a lot of money and not a lot of people could afford to pay; so I thought I would offer it for free.

“I thought it was not fair because people who needed help may not be able to afford to pay for a tutor.”

While she was completing her final GCSE year, she began running revision sessions.

Olivia said: “I got six 9s at GCSE and three 8s, so if I had of sat the exams I would have got what I was aiming for; I was very happy.

“On Instagram I would offer advice on questions throughout lockdown and I am now on week five of holding the Zoom sessions and I have had 120 people sign up.

“On the first Zoom there were 40 and now there are about 15 on each session. I always ask students for their suggestions of what they would like to see covered and it goes to a vote.

“I will then find questions around that subject and we will work through them to find the answers. My favourite topic in maths is algebra.

“An advantage of having someone so young is that I have a deep understanding of the struggles that a Year 11 goes through in preparation for GCSEs and mocks.

“I also understand what mistakes and misconceptions they may make and what I needed to know to help me comprehend the topics.”

Olivia is now studying A level Religious Studies, Physics and Maths and wants to study Physics or Philosophy at university, but has no idea what career she wants to pursue.

Her mum Leeanne said: “I think she is absolutely amazing. We are so very, very proud and we don’t know where she gets it from.”