Message from Mr Roper – IT & iPads – August 31st

As we look forward to welcoming students back to Haslingden High School next month, we would like to make you aware of some iPad and IT related issues so that term starts as smoothly as possible.

Covid-19 has affected the ways in which we can offer IT access to students and has led to a number of IT rooms being closed down to reduce the risk of infection spreading.  Whilst some specialist teaching using PCs will continue, a number of classes that have traditionally had access to computers will no longer be able to use them.  It is therefore essential that all students have their iPad with them, fully charged, every day.

Please ask your son/daughter to charge and update their iPad ready for their first day.  The latest version of iOS is 13.6.1.  You can check whether the iPad is up to date by tapping Settings → General → Software Update.  Check all apps are up to date as well by opening the App Store, tap your initials in the top right hand corner of the screen, then check whether any apps are pending an update.  Following these steps prevents an enormous hit on our wifi system and will help ensure everyone gets off to a good start.

If your child’s iPad requires a repair before the start of term, you can book a repair directly with the insurer via this page on our website:

Freedom Tech will arrange for a courier to collect your iPad from your home address.  Please note that insurance cover is for accidental damage and the insurer reserves the right to refuse carrying out a repair if they suspect otherwise.  We can arrange a loan iPad for your child whilst the repair is carried out, for more details please click on the link above.

We plan to trial making YouTube available to students during September.  Teachers will be able to create and share playlists and recommend videos for students to watch.  Strict restricted mode will be enabled; this works in a similar way to a web filter by blocking age inappropriate content with all comments turned off.

If your son or daughter has a YouTube account linked to their school email, they will need to transfer ‘liked’ videos, subscriptions and playlists to a personal YouTube account as these will be blocked when the switch is made.  The deadline for doing this is Monday 14th September.  

Last September we launched the Edulink app and we are delighted that more than 80% of families are using it to access information about their child’s learning in school.  In the possible event of a second lockdown, we will seek to use Edulink to message you directly if an assignment has been missed or your child is not engaging with the work set.  It is also essential that we have up to date contact information in the event your child falls ill in school.  We will be sending new invitations to parents that have not yet used Edulink at the start of term.  If you have forgotten your login details, please contact me via email ( 

Thank you in advance for your support and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.