Letter from Ms Marsland – 6th June

Four weeks ago, I launched the bridging units for year 11 students who are planning to make the transition to sixth form. Key stage 5 subject teachers have started to receive some excellent work and this in itself is an extremely promising start to what is often a challenging academic leap.

Of course, the main aim is to ensure that 5 units are fully completed for September but, in the meantime, I ask that your son/daughter starts submitting the work completed so far to the relevant subject teachers (contact details listed below.) This will allow us to check progress and offer support with these crucial units of work. The teachers responsible for each subject are more than willing to offer guidance and advice to anybody needing assistance and are always extremely pleased to receive the work so they can check progress and keep those crucial lines of communication open with their prospective students. It would be greatly appreciated if you could encourage this.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to strongly urge those who haven’t yet engaged with the units to make a start now. The challenging nature of the transition to key stage 5 study is well-documented and the units have been created to provide an insight into specific content as well as the skills needed for success at this crucial academic phase of learning. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me.