Letter from Mr Jackson 3rd April (Year 11 and 13 students)

We have today received information from Ofqual, the organisation which is responsible for examinations across England, to explain how your examination results are to be decided this summer.

They have asked schools to send letters to all students that are affected, and you can view this letter by clicking the following link.  Ofqual are very keen for students to be awarded the grades that they deserve.

This has to carefully consider that the grades awarded are fair not only to students who would have sat their exams this year, but also to those awarded in previous years and those who will be awarded in the future.

The system of arriving at these grades in each school will be a thorough, moderated process which will endeavour to predict grades as fairly and accurately as possible.  There will be an appeals process and we are led to believe there will be resit opportunities for students who feel they could improve on the grades awarded.

I am sure that many students are worried about the current situation, but I’d like to reassure you, as best as I can, that the vast majority of you will feel that the grades awarded are fair.

Anyone who has been offered a place at our Sixth Form, can be assured that they will be able to join us next September.