Message from Mr Jackson: Free School Meals – 30th March

Further to my emails last week (they are on our website if you are struggling to locate them) I write with further information about this week’s provision for students who are eligible for a free school meal. The following information was provided by Lancashire County Council this morning and we have been asked to share it with our families:

‘On Monday 30 March families eligible for free schools meals can pick-up a pack for each child between 12 noon and 2pm at the pick-up point for their network.
The venues will also open on Tuesday 31st March from 11am – 2pm if families have not been able to collect on Monday.

Following some questions from headteachers over the weekend, please be advised
• most pick-up points will try to stay open until 3pm on Monday to reduce congestion.
• a dedicated team of staff will be on hand to process things very quickly (with social distancing practices in place)
• pick-ups can be staggered until Tuesday, when the locations will be open from 11am–2pm

We are extremely grateful to headteachers for working with us to get 25,000 free school meals to families without delay, ahead of the roll-out of the national voucher scheme. We are also indebted to the staff from the library service and children, family and well-being service who have masterminded this operation with colleagues from Lancashire catering’.

The pick-up point for our families is Haslingden Library.

We are unaware of the details of the voucher scheme but will let you know as soon as further information is provided.