December 2019: Students bounce way to North West titles

Our talented trampolinists have tasted even more success, winning two individual titles and becoming the top team in a North West competition.

At the North West Regional Final in Wigan our intermediate Year 7-9 team of Will Harding, Josh Lowthion, Max Harwood-Lomax and Harry Sneddon won the competition they were second in last year.

They now go forward to the Zonal round in Newcastle on January 27, which again they were second in last year, and then hopefully secure a place in the final in March, which they won last year.

Our students also enjoyed individual success with Will, 13, winning the competition while Josh was third; both will now also compete for the individual title at the Zonal stage.

Will said: “We do a set routine and then a voluntary and my vol had a higher tariff than the others in my category. There was only 0.2 points between first and second place in the individual, but our team won by around 20 points.”

Max said: “I didn’t feel as nervous as I did last time. Hopefully we will be able to go on and defend our title.”

Besides training at trampoline club in school, Josh and Max attend Fearns Trampoline Club and Will and Harry go to Bury Trampoline Club.

The team will be joined in the next round by the junior Year 7-9 team of Lucie-Mae Haigh, Lucie Waters, Millee Schofield and Ella Edwards who were second in the North West competition.

In addition, Lucie-Mae won the individual competition and Lucie Waters came in third, and so both will also compete in the Zonal round.

For Year 7 student Lucie-Mae Haig it was the first time she had taken part in the schools’ competition, having previously entered a club event at Bury and one for beginners.

She said: “When there are lots of people there, you try your hardest and I did. I started trampolining when I was four but then I quit, and I only started again in January this year both at school and at Bury.”

Lucie had done gymnastics in between and that will have helped her when it came to trampolining.

She said: “I never expected to win. Then I saw on the monitor after the first routine that Lucie was first, but then my second routine was marked higher than her. I was shocked to win but I wanted to do my best.”