November 2019: Haslingden High School goes to polls

JUST as residents across the UK will be going to the polls on December 12 – so will our students!

Five candidates have put themselves forward for the school’s mock General Election and, along with their election team, they are designing posters and preparing their speeches, which they will deliver to every year group in assembly.

Assistant Headteacher Mrs Powell, who will be the Returning Officer on the day, said: “Our goal is to improve political awareness among young people in Haslingden and the Rossendale area.

“I want to see them all be able to walk out of here knowing how to vote when they are eligible.”

All students will receive a polling card and that will be switched in the hall for a ballot paper; booths will be set up so students can vote in secret and post their papers in a ballot box. The results will be announced at the end of the day.

The school has held four mock elections in the past and this year’s candidates are: Tarek Ahmed (Ind); Oliver Evans (Con); Mariam Gul (Green); Akeefah Tasnia (Lab); James Turner (LibDem).