November 2019: Adam hopes to land national biathlon place for fourth year

ATHLETE Adam Fern is hoping his third place in the Yorkshire Regional Biathlon will land him his fourth trip to London for the national finals.

The Year 10 student has gained enough points since Year 7 to go to London every year.

The 14-year-old said: “I went to compete in Yorkshire because that was the closest competition. It was open for the whole of the North West, but I was the only student to compete from Haslingden.

“I had to run a mile and swim 200m and I was competing in the U15s competition.

“You need to get a certain amount of points to qualify outright for the national final, which is held in March. I will find out in December if I have a place.

“There were quite a lot of fast runners at the competition but some of them were less able swimmers, so that is how I managed to pick up points, because my swimming is stronger than my running.”

Adam swims with Pioneer 79 and trains two mornings and two evenings every week and is also a member of Rochdale Harriers.