September 2019: Liam dances his way to final at Blackpool Tower

DANCER Liam Fielding has landed a place in the final of the Dancing Kid King and Queen (DKKQ) competition after gaining a top Grade 9 in his GCSE.

Sixth Form student Liam, 16, from Oswaldtwistle, said: “When I was in Year 7 I had lessons in different subjects and I had never done dance before.

“My teacher said I should join the school’s end of year dance show and I did it initially for a bit of fun but then realised I enjoyed it and my mum suggested I join a dance school.”

Liam has been attending Wonderland School of Dance in Accrington for two years, having joined in Year 10 while completing GCSE drama.

He said: “I like the competitiveness of dance and it is fun to do. I do freestyle disco which is a mixture of gym and dance and you need to be extremely flexible.

“You don’t know what music you are going to be asked to dance to until it starts playing and you start with a routine and then have to make it fit with the music. It is quite hard but it comes with practice.”

Liam won his place in the DKKQ competition at Blackpool Tower on November 30 and December 1 after entering a competition in Manchester.

He said: “In the final I will be competing in the under 18s category and will be against 25 or more competitors from all over the country.

“I do watch Strictly, but that style of dance is completely different to the freestyle that I do.

“I wouldn’t mind being a dancer as a career, as you can either become a teacher or be on the stage. You get the vital skills you need from the GCSE work and I am now doing A level Dance along with English Literature, Business and Psychology at HHS Sixth Form.”