July 2019: Charity Day raises phenomenal amount for good causes

AN AMAZING £4,376 was raised by students from Haslingden High School following a hectic day of fundraising when more than 100 stalls were set up.

Students used their imagination to come up with innovative ways of raising money for causes dear to their hearts.

The British Heart Foundation benefited from a popular stall where students had to throw darts to try to burst balloons.

A creative stall saw specially made bookmarks and cards sold for Art for the National Autism Society.

Students got the chance to use a 3D pen to draw using melted plastic and the money raised benefited Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.

As popular as ever was the Asian food and henna handpainting stall, raising money for Broken Minds, a charity working with Syrian child refugees.

A clever outdoor game involved students throwing paper aeroplanes at a map of the world with cut-out clouds to raise money for Unicef.

Head of Food Preparation and Nutrition Kate Sieg-Hogg said: “We helped with the cake stall and had nine students working very hard to bake and decorate cakes and biscuits.

“There were more than 100 stalls and each decided how they were going to be run and who they wanted to raise money for.

“We had about a quarter of the school involved in the organisation of the event and all the year groups visited in turn.

“Quite a few Year 7s also had stalls for the first time.”