May 2019: School ski trip to Italy

AN EXCITING six day skiing trip to Italy was enjoyed our students over the Easter holiday, but it wasn’t without incident.

Nearly 40 students flew out to Italy for the skiing trip but one skier had to have stitches after she fell and a ski blade cut her leg, another sustained a wrist fracture, while novice skier Ben Green sprained his knee.

Ben said: “I had been to Ski Rossendale before but not really skied properly before the trip.”

He was first given instruction on a mini slope but when he moved to a larger slope he was not confident in how to slow himself down and stop, and ended up falling.

Ben added: “At the end of the six days I had improved and was able to get down the slopes. I really enjoyed all the night time activities and the crepes.”

Will Harding, 13, is no stranger to skiing and has been successful representing the school in competitions.

He said: “I have been abroad skiing about five times and this was good. It snowed in the evening and the next day it was sunny when we were skiing. The snow was really good.”

In March, Will, along with Georgia Crabtree, Oliver Harwood and Jeremy Nuttall was in the winning U14 mixed team at a competition at Pendle Ski Slope.

Our U16 team finished 3rd in the same competition with Jonathan Calvert winning the individual title.

They will also compete in a further competition in June at the Chill Factore in Manchester.

Evie Sanderson, 13, was also on the trip and had previously skied abroad with her grandmother.

She said: “Skiing is fun because of the views. I started skiing when I was about five or six at Ski Rossendale. Italy was good and we had very nice weather.”

Students from Years 8-10 and one Year 7 made the trip and Evie said it was nice to make new friends.