May 2019: Isaac represents England in German judo comp

AGED just 13, would-be Judo Olympian Isaac Hope represented England and took on competitors aged up to 18.

Year 8 student Isaac attends the Bredakwai Judo Academy in Oswaldtwistle, where his dad John is the coach.

He said: “The competition was in Duisburg, Germany, and there were 48 people in my category of -50k with many of the competitors much taller and older than me.

“I went on to win two fights and then lost one which put me in the reporcharge to compete for the bronze medal, but I lost to an older fighter.

“I gained a lot of experience and I was also able to attend a training camp where I got to train with people who had beaten me and so I learned from them.

“I was the only player from my club to attend but I knew a lot of the people who were at the competition because I had met them before at other contests.

“As the competition was in Germany, and I am learning the language at school, I got to try out some German and I asked for a coffee for my dad and some cake for me.

“My goal is still to represent Team GB in an Olympics and I have been asked to go on another trip to Holland in the summer.”