May 2019: Icelandic adventure brings geography to life

AN INCREDIBLE Icelandic adventure brought geography textbooks to life for our GCSE students.

The trip saw 36 of our students exploring Reykjavik, savouring the culture and also seeing first hand the country’s rich seam of geographical features.

Huge glaciers, basalt towers, gigantic waterfalls, jet black sandy beaches and geysers were just a few of the sights that greeted the students.

Reece Griffiths, 15, said: “Iceland is full of geographical features due to its tectonic activity.

“We saw geysers where the water pressure forces a jet of water through the surface shooting up into the air. To me the best bit was the country as a whole and being able to experience it and enjoy it with my friends.

“It gave us real life examples of what we had learnt in books. Geography is one of the subjects I like because it covers so many facets that it can lead anywhere.”

Charlie Riley, 14, said he enjoyed the secret pool that they all enjoyed a relaxing hour in. The geothermic outdoor pool is naturally heated to 38 degrees and underfoot there were rocks.

Reece added: “I was particularly impressed by the glacier as we only saw a small part but you knew that it was much bigger than the small section I could see; it took your breath away. I also loved the crystal blueness of the water.”

He added that the black sand beach complemented the landscape and didn’t look out of place.