March 2019: Student trampolinists named as national champs

TALENTED trampolinists from Haslingden High School were crowned national champions after a hard fought competition in Staffordshire.

At Chase Leisure Centre, Cannock, the year 7 and 8 novice team of 13-year-olds Josh Lowthion, Will Harding and Harry Sneddon along with Maxwell Harwood-Lomax, 11, competed against five other teams.

In the North Zonal final in Belfast, they came second to Wilmslow High, but in the national final they were delighted to reverse that result and clinch the title.

The top three highest scores in the set and voluntary routines counted towards the team’s final mark.

Maxwell gained his highest mark on his set piece when he had to complete a series of 10 elements. Competitors are judged on travel across the trampoline, whether they stay in a certain area while they are completing the elements, and on form – which is how they present themselves while they complete the manoeuvres.

Maxwell, who only took up the sport when he started at Haslingden High last September, said: “I enjoy trampolining because it makes you feel like you are flying.”

Will, who said he has liked learning new skills, said: “Three of us were very close with our marks and we were within 0.3 of each other.”

The team all practise at Fearns Trampoline Club and Harry and Will also go to Bury Trampoline Club.

Harry said: “Trampolining makes me feel free when I am in the air. I thought that we had a pretty good chance of winning.”

Although the older team members will now have to go on to the intermediate level, Maxwell is hoping he may still be able to compete again in the novice competition next year.

Josh also competed as an individual and was placed third in the novice competition.