February 2019: Enterprising students win hospice challenge

A TEAM of students got the whole of their year to help them raise the most money in the Youth Enterprise Challenge for Rossendale Hospice.

The Haslingden High School year 9s were given £50 to invest in the challenge and decided to share it between the forms – giving 50p to teams of three.

At the presentation night at AG6, the eight-strong team was delighted to find out that they had raised the most of all the participating high schools – £3,022.38.

Isla Vincent, 13, said: “Some of the students decided to teach drama to pupils from Broadway Primary School and one year 9 was even sponsored to teach his maths lesson.”

Kirsten Robertson, 13, said: “One of the groups had a tea party at an old people’s home.”

Scott Haslam, 13, said “Another group organised an endurance walk near to the Singing Ringing Tree and that raised about £400.”

The biggest fundraiser was a non-uniform day in school when students were asked to wear an item of blue clothing for the hospice to celebrate its 30th birthday.

Kirsten said: “I have learnt how to organise other classes in school although it was a bit daunting when we went into the other PSHEE lessons to explain what we wanted them to do.”

At the presentation evening,  the students delivered a presentation to show how the funds had been raised and then answered questions from the judges.

Isla said: “The judges asked us what we had learnt from this and I said I had learnt about business and how to make money.

“We have also formed a really close friendship and are all now the best of friends. I am only sad that is has finished.”

Also taking part in the competition this year were teams from Alder Grange, Whitworth, Fearns, All Saints and Tor View. In total the challenge raised £8,915.67.

The Haslingden team said they wanted to continue to raise money for charity and Kirsten, who is a member of the school charity club, said the next initiative was to send postcards with positive messages to female staff members and female students for International Women’s Day in March.

The postcards will have inspirational and empowering quotes from different well-known women.