December 2018: Students provide festive party cheer for pensioners

SENIOR citizens enjoyed a splendid Christmas party at Haslingden High School.

The annual event was attended by around 90 residents living near to the school.

Head of year 12, Viv Samuelson said: “The year 13 students were preparing the hall from 9am and we have mostly year 12 students and some from year 13 waiting on for the guests.”

“I have been at the school for around 15 years and we have always held this party for the residents.”

A group of 14 residents and volunteers from Ravenscroft, Helmshore, were in attendance.

For Lily Dust, 92, and Annie Crankshaw, 85, it is one of the few times they get to see each other over the year, even though they only live a short distance apart.

Lily said: “I come here every year and I enjoy it because I get to talk to friends I don’t often see.”

Volunteer coordinator at Ravenscroft, Linda Doody, said: “I just think it is a fantastic thing that the school does this every year and the residents love it.

“My mum passed away a couple of years ago, but she used to love coming to this party.”

The students served a buffet meal to the residents before they enjoyed a concert by the school’s Big Band and wind band before a mixed age school choir sang carols.