December 2018: Class of 2018 rewarded for hard work

PRAISE was heaped on Haslingden High School’s Class of 2018 who were the first year group to sit the new style GCSEs and succeeded in  achieving above the national average.

At the Awards’ evening, Headteacher, Mark Jackson said: “The educational landscape is continuing to change significantly and our ‘Class of 2018’ was the first cohort of students to sit the reformed GCSE qualifications in most subjects.

“These GCSE courses are significantly more challenging and academic than the previous incarnations, with the results based entirely on final examinations as there is no longer any controlled assessment or modular examinations.”

Despite the changes, more than 76 per cent of students achieved a Grade 4 standard pass in both English and maths and 43 per cent got a Grade 5 good pass in both subjects. Both figures are higher than the national average.

A quarter of the year group achieved a Grade 5 or above in every subject.

Mr Jackson said: “We are equally delighted with the students who performed exceptionally well yet may have achieved grades below a grade 4 or equivalent but made significant progress with us.

“At Haslingden High School we understand the importance of academic success, but also believe passionately in providing a wide range of opportunities and experiences that allow our students to pursue their aspirations, develop their talents and grow into confident, well-rounded adults.”

Former student Brian Pickup, who was a teacher for 38 years, is a retired magistrate and a Community First Responder, was the special guest and handed out the awards.