July 2018: A taste of France enjoyed by Year 8s

A group of our Year 8 students got to test their language skills on their trip to Northern France, staying at a PGL site near Boulogne.

For one student Ben Young, 13, the trip didn’t get off to the best start when, on the first day, he tripped on the beach and landed on his shoulder.

After an emergency ambulance trip to hospital and several x-rays, doctors discovered he had snapped his collarbone in half.

Unfortunately that meant he had to wear a brace to keep it strapped together and was not able to enjoy the rides when the students visited a theme park.

Fortunately his friends Ryan Fazackerley and Calum Shedlow pedalled him around in a pedalo.

Katie Gent, 13, said: “Going on this trip has improved my French because when we were on the town trail, if we got stuck then we asked someone from the town where to go in French.

“When we visited the aquarium we also watched a sea lion show but the trainers only spoke in French and at PGL the people all spoke French so I have learnt a lot more words.”