July 2018: School raises more than £4,000 for good causes in a day

CHARITY champions organised 97 different stalls at Haslingden High School to raise money for a multitude of local, regional and national charities.

The school sports hall was packed with stalls and many more were outside raising a total of £4140

Louise Fowler, Ellie McAnish and Jessica Brierley, all 15, manned the ‘Kerplunk’ stall.

Louise said: “I chose the charity The RAFT Foundation because I have been helped by them; Jessica came up with the idea of making a large ‘Kerplunk’ and we all got involved to build it.”

As ever, one of the most popular stalls inside was selling Asian food and adjacent to it, a team of students were henna painting all for an appeal for children in Bangladesh organised by The Muslim Charity.  The group raised £1601 in total.

Beautiful felt items had been created by Savannah Love to raise money for Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue and the stall also has pompoms and bracelets for sale.

A splat the celebrity allowed participants to pick who they didn’t like most then try and hit the person as they went down a drainpipe – the most unpopular person was Donald Trump.

Charlotte Hanson and Becky Holden, both 15, along with Emilia Harrison, 14, organised the stall for the Women’s Refuge.

Assistant Headteacher Ms Edyvean said: “I have now done 17 years of Charity Day and it just gets better every year.

“I was particularly impressed with the Year 7s who have been really organised and made lots of posters to advertise their stalls.

“We have encouraged people this year to try to raise money for small local charities.

“The money raised on the stalls goes to the individual charity chosen by the students and often they will get a letter back from the charities to say thank you.

“We have more than 400 students involved in running the stalls including some Year 11s who have come back into school and some sixth form students.”