June 2018: Open water swimmer Beth third best in Lancs

OPEN water swimmer Beth Hartwell faced a tough field in a 3k race at Salford Quays coming fifth in the North West and third in Lancashire.

Year 9 student Beth said: “There were about 60 swimmers and I went in the first wave of 30.

“People of all ages were competing, there was even a 79-year-old couple. We had to complete six laps of the course and after the first lap I was in first place. I eventually finished in fourth with a time of 42minutes 40 seconds.

“The water was 19.7C compared to the normal temperature of 16C so it was nice and warm.

“Unfortunately I didn’t make it through to the nationals.”

Beth also got the chance to captain the North Lancashire team in an inter-counties competition.

Teams from the much larger areas of Liverpool, Greater Manchester and Cumbria competed in the Inter Association Gala in Blackpool.

She said: “We came third and I enjoyed being captain and being able to motivate other team members aged 10 to 14

“I swam in the 100 freestyle and then also had to do the 100m back stoke as our competitor couldn’t participate.”