April 2018: Northern Lights bonus for geography teacher

AFTER seven years of taking geography students to Iceland, Miss Samuelson finally got to see the Northern Lights.

The stunning night sky display was also a highlight for students, especially Kim Bridgeman, 16, and Sophie Cook, 15.

The Year 11 students, who are both planning to study A level Geography, were unable to join the trip in Year 10 because it was fully booked.

However Kim said: “Last year the students didn’t get to see the Northern Lights whereas we did.”

Sophie said: “The teachers called us to go outside; it was freezing and we were just gazing at the sky. It was so magical looking at the Northern Lights.

“They were teal, blue and green in colour. Although they were visible to the naked eye, they looked even better on the camera pictures.”

Students also visited an energy plant and saw how the country uses natural geothermal power, enjoyed swimming in the Secret Lagoon with its natural hot springs and got to spend time on black volcanic sand beaches, view glaciers and basalt columns.

Kim said: “It really brought our geography text books to life. On the first day we explored Reykjavik and saw the cathedral.

“The waterfalls were one of the best bits for me, they were magical.”

They also

In total 35 students and four teachers, along with a tour guide made the five day trip.