March 2018: Skiers success at first ever competition

Our talented skiing team were named North West lower senior champions on their first time of entering a competition at Pendle Ski Slope.

PE teacher Mrs Wilson said: “I was approached by student Matthew Marriott, who has previously entered the competition as an individual, to see if we could enter a team.”

Matthew trains at Ski Rossendale where he knew that Jonathan Calvert and Adam Griffin were members of the 2K Club.

Mrs Wilson then discovered Will Harding, 12, had been skiing abroad and the school had its first team.

Matthew said: “I go to Ski Rossendale’s Race Club twice a week and I like the speed and also like slalom.”

It had been snowing at the Pendle Ski Slope in Sabden so they skied on proper snow.

Each of the competitors got two timed runs on the slalom course and all the Haslingden High skiers posted a quicker time on their second attempt.

Adam was the only one to fall, just at the end and on reaching the final tape, so fortunately his time still counted.

There were 170 competitors at the competition from all over Lancashire, Ripon and some who trained in Stoke.

Will said: “I have been abroad skiing twice in Austria and I am more into freestyle and doing tricks like 360s and jumps.”

Adam said: “It is harder to get going on an artificial slope but when we were on snow there was less friction. The slope was different to Ski Rossendale, it was narrower and smaller and had more of a flat section at the bottom.”