March 2018: Prince Edward rewards tennis students

STUDENTS who have been learning real tennis at Manchester Tennis and Racquet Club also got to meet Prince Edward.

Since last term, six of our students have been attending training sessions at the centre in Salford where the head professional is Steve Brockenshaw, whose son Harvey is in Year 11.

Seven schools were involved in the programme and going into the last round of Real Tennis Challenges, Haslingden High were the top scorers.

PE teacher Mrs Wilson said: “It was a tense few minutes watching Manchester Grammar School play their last round. They needed more than 40 points to win. It went down to the last ball and they scored giving them a total of 40.5.”

Midway through the competition Prince Edward came along and presented the commemorative medals and chatted to the students.

Sofia Riley, 16, said: “The challenges were to demonstrate the skills that we had learnt and if we had just done one more thing we would have won.

“Prince Edward is taking over the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme from his father and he was talking to us about the scheme.

Mrs Wilson added: “It was a truly once in a lifetime experience for our students and they did themselves, their parents and school proud. “