March 2018: Bag packing helps fund cost of trampoline final travel

A group of our school trampolinists and their supporters spent hours packing bags at Haslingden Tesco to help pay for a trip to the national final.

We have two teams and an individual through to the national schools final being held in Belfast in March.

The intermediate U14s and novice U13s teams both won their respective competitions in Huddersfield and Max Constant, a member of the U14s team, was also second in the individual competition, which earned him a place in the final as an individual.

Year 7 student Josh Lowthion is in the U13s team and spent six hours bag packing.

He said: “I have never done it before and now I know what to do. Some people are very OCD about how they pack their bags, but people were very generous.

“Quite a few members of my family came in that day and they had all done a very big shop. Some people gave us £10 notes and one person donated £17.”

The bag pack raised £576, which will help towards airfares and accommodation costs.