January 2018: Caring students help raise money for rescue dog Seb

A number of our students who took the plight of a rescue dog to heart were delighted when he called in to thank them.

Greyhound-saluki cross, Seb was saved by a neighbour as he was about to be shot by his former owner.

Seb was taken to Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue RRAR and is being looked after by Heather Kane, from Waterfoot, who rescues greyhounds.

As a result of how he was treated, Seb needs new hips, which will cost £10,000. Mr Jackson’s PA, MrsTurner encouraged students to donate to Seb’s fund and Rowan Hopkinson and Ollie Leah gave generously.

Year 11 student, Rowan said: “I saw what the fundraising was all about and just wanted to help and when I told Ollie he did the same. We didn’t want to win the teddy, just kept emptying our pockets and donating to the appeal.”


Year 10 student Mercede Love enjoys baking and offered to make a cake in the shape of a dog for the appeal. Mercede and friend, Emily Murphy held bake sales to raise more funds.

Mercede was delighted to meet Seb and said: “I am proper happy to know that he will be able to have his surgery soon. He is gorgeous. I love him and his ears are so soft.”

Seb is now enjoying hydrotherapy, which is enabling him to safely build up muscle strength, and laser treatment on his spine and hips.

He has put on 1.5kg over Christmas, but has to be carefully walked on a lead and is not allowed to run until his hips have been replaced.

The RSPCA is investigating Seb’s ill treatment.

To donate visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/traceyentwistle, PayPal: RRAR@petlover.com ref: Seb hip fund, Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue’s bank account is at Barclays in Rawtenstall sort code: 20-15-70 account number: 53289389 ref: Seb hip fund or contact Shuttleworth Vets direct on 01706 225300.