November 2017: Students’ reading reaches new heights

EXTREME readers from our new Year 7 cohort have been rewarded for their efforts. Over the summer the new students were challenged to read a book in an unusual location and take a photograph as evidence.

Eleanor Thomas, 11, opted to read a chapter of The Hobbit from a lofty position in the bucket of a digger on the campsite in France where she was holidaying with her parents.

Her intrepid read earned her a gift voucher and a box of chocolates.

She said: “I was reading The Hobbit at the time and the owner of the campsite lifted me up into the digger and I was above the height of the caravans. I came down because after reading a chapter it became a bit windy.

“I finished the book in about two weeks and spent a lot of time next to the pool, getting a suntan and reading my book.

“If you are reading a book that you are into, you don’t want to put it down. If a book doesn’t interest me after reading a couple of chapters then I will swap it for another one.”

Daniel Wilson, 12, was snapped reading a book from the Alex Rider series in the middle of a BMX track in Derby with cyclists all around him and as the second best picture he won a box of chocolates.

He said: “I enjoy riding on the track, but instead I was in the middle reading my book. I read about two chapters and the cyclists were not distracting because it was a good book.”