An exceptional learning experience

“I attended both Haslingden High School and Sixth Form and thoroughly enjoyed the many years I spent there. I created a great bond with both the teachers and other students…” student

The highest standards of teaching and learning are at the heart of our successful school. We are passionate about providing a wide range of learning opportunities, both within and out of the classroom, to ensure our students are engaged in their learning and are excited by it. They are active participators not passive recipients, and we encourage students to take increasing ownership of their learning.

We are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience and use a range of resources to supplement and facilitate a rich experience for all. We place significant emphasis on reading, both for pleasure and for the development of technical language and an ever-increasing vocabulary that supports learning in all subjects. Through our iPad scheme, we recognise the importance of students being digitally literate in preparation for the world of work and, through the well planned and timely use of technology, our teachers are empowered, learning opportunities are maximised and classroom theory is lifted from the page.

Relationships between staff and students are the cornerstone of our success. Teachers and students share high expectations and high aspirations; they work together to create a purposeful and positive learning environment. Our teachers want to work here – our recruitment process ensures we employ the most ambitious, talented, well-qualified staff available, and our School Direct programme means that we are involved in training and, in many cases, employing our talented trainees.

We have an extensive programme of continued professional development, which engages and enthuses our teachers, who work hard to enhance their own professional practice and regularly consider the latest teaching and learning research. Our staff are actively encouraged to become experts in their chosen field in order to better support our students with their learning journey.