Our School Aims

Achievement for All: for all our students to be safe, happy and successful, developing as individuals into caring, responsible citizens equipped for life in the 21st century

We strive to:

  • create successful learners, who achieve the best possible qualifications, alongside equipping them with the skills and motivation to overcome future challenges

What Ofsted said (May 2022):

Leaders, governors and staff have high expectations of what pupils and students should achieve.

Teachers use technology well to enhance pupils’ learning. Pupils enjoy taking short tests online. They receive instant feedback on how well they have learned the intended curriculum. This helps pupils remember and understand more.

Leaders have improved the reading curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to read widely. Leaders identify the specific barriers faced by pupils with insecure reading knowledge. They put effective support in place to help these pupils become more confident and fluent readers. In lessons, pupils learn many examples of subject-specific vocabulary. Teachers model to their pupils how to read with expression and understanding.

  • ensure all students experience an exciting, ambitious and inclusive curriculum that is well-planned, broad, diverse and expertly delivered. Our curriculum will inspire and motivate students to want to know and remember more, allowing them to become lifelong learners

What Ofsted said (May 2022):

All pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), have equal access to a suitably ambitious curriculum. They progress well through the curriculum.

Subject leaders have designed their subject curriculums well. They ensure that pupils develop their knowledge in a logical order. Teachers have strong subject knowledge. They present their extensive knowledge to pupils clearly and enthusiastically.

Leaders and teachers identify the individual needs of pupils and students with SEND accurately. Leaders ensure that these pupils receive appropriate support. They provide staff with the information that they need to design learning which meets the needs of these pupils. This enables pupils and students with SEND to progress through the same ambitious curriculum as their peers.

  • provide access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences beyond the taught curriculum, enabling our students to leave our school with high aspirations

What Ofsted said (May 2022):

Staff provide a wide range of enrichment activities. Sports teams enjoy many successes at regional and national levels. Pupils, and students in the sixth form, thrive in the arts and music because there are many opportunities for participation.
Leaders provide a wide range of opportunities for all pupils, including those in the sixth form, to develop their talents and interests. Pupils benefit from well-equipped facilities for sports, theatre and music. Enthusiastic and experienced teachers encourage wide participation for pupils of all abilities.
They go on many school trips to places both near home and further afield.

  • work in partnership to offer a personalised approach to care, guidance and support that will ensure students feel and know how to keep themselves safe and happy. Students’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do, empowering them to make informed choices

What Ofsted said (May 2022):

There is a strong safeguarding culture across the school. Leaders are well informed about a wide range of safeguarding issues. They ensure that safeguarding training for staff is thorough. As a result, staff know how to identify the signs that may indicate that pupils are at risk of harm. Staff share their concerns in a timely manner. Leaders work well with external agencies to ensure that pupils and their families get the help that they need. Pupils know how to keep safe either online or in the local community.

Pupils told inspectors that they feel safe. They know who to speak to if they are worried or upset. Pupils enjoy strong relationships with one another and with staff. Pupils told inspectors that bullying is rare. If it does occur, staff ensure it is sorted out quickly and effectively.

Pupils behave very well. They move around the school calmly. They pay attention and concentrate in their lessons. They are keen to learn. Pupils’ conduct reflects teachers’ high expectations.

Lessons across the school typically take place without disruption. Leaders study patterns of behaviour and act swiftly if they identify any problems.

  • guide students, helping them to become kind, resilient and ethical individuals who will make a positive contribution to their local community and beyond. They will embrace change and leave as well-rounded individuals with a strong set of values and beliefs

What Ofsted said (May 2022):

Pupils, and students in the sixth form, are proud to be part of Haslingden High School and Sixth Form.

At key stage 3, leaders have put an effective personal development curriculum in place. They have ensured that pupils in key stage 4 and students in the sixth form benefit from an effective careers education programme.

Students at key stage 5 can choose to study a wide range of courses that meet their diverse interests and needs well. Pupils and students in the sixth form are well prepared for the next stage of their education, employment or training.

We welcome students of all abilities, aptitudes and interests from a wide range of backgrounds.  Our number one aim is ‘Achievement for All’ and we pride ourselves on our reputation for academic success.  We are successful because we have high expectations of all of our students, and because we create a learning environment underpinned by a culture of respect where individuals are nurtured and supported.

Ours is a forward-thinking school with innovative approaches to teaching and learning. We have invested in new technology, which means that our students are equipped for a 21st-century workplace; able to apply their knowledge and skills creatively. We are also proud of the way that we prepare students to be lifelong learners; questioning, resilient and confident young people.

Importantly we want our students to leave with happy memories of their time at Haslingden High and we provide many enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom for students to develop the talents, teamwork and leadership skills that will enable them to be citizens of Britain and the world.

We are a diverse community where students from a range of backgrounds form positive relationships with each other and with staff, based on trust and mutual respect. Visitors to the school comment on the happy and calm atmosphere which allows all students to flourish.