September 2017: Charlie taps her way to place in national company


TAP dancer and student Charlie Morris has won a place with the Northern Associates of national dance company Tap Attack.

The 16-year-old has also secured a dancing role in a professional production in Castleford, West Yorkshire, entitled ‘Spooky Town’.

Charlie was one of 90 dancers who auditioned with Tap Attack, for the Northern Associates team based in Halifax. She was fortunate to be picked for the seniors.

She said: “We will be going all over the North of England to perform at lots of conventions.

“I have a place with the team for a year and will then have another audition to keep my place. As a team we meet to rehearse once a month.”

Charlie is also making frequent trips to Castleford to rehearse for the Hallowe’en dance spectacular ‘Spooky Town’.

She said: “The show is produced by Sadie Flower, the winner of the BBC1 show Strictly Dance Fever, and Lydia Louisa, who toured with Dirty Dancing and Mama Mia.

“I found out about the show on social media site Facebook and went for an audition in Castleford. They made about four cuts from all the auditionees before they chose the final 10 seniors.”

The show will be on from October 28 to 30 at Castleford Civic Centre and rehearsals are every Sunday.

In November Charlie has four auditions for dance school at the Northern Ballet College in Manchester, MADD College in Nottinghamshire, SLP in Leeds and The Hammond School in Cheshire.

She has been attending Dansworks Dance Academy in Bacup for almost 10 years where she learns nearly every discipline as well as helping run classes with younger children.

Dansworks Principal Karen Roe said: “We are delighted for Charlie; she is a real asset to Dansworks because she works incredibly hard at everything that she does.

“It shows because she is now starting to be successful in every audition that she goes for.

“She will definitely be a professional dancer in the future and she is also an amazing singer so she could go into musical theatre in the West End.

“She obviously has a great future ahead of her and we look forward to following her success and going to see her on stage.”