June 2017: Young cyclists complete 90km ride around West Lancs

THREE young students at Haslingden High School completed a 90km – 56 mile bike cycle sportive ride around West Lancashire.

Year 7 student Hannah Wilson, 11, along with two 13-year-olds from Year 8, her brother Ben and Eilidh Aindow completed a cycle ride from Preston to Lytham and back.

They were in a group of around 20 including parents, but Ben said he left them behind as his group took the lead.

All three attend Cycle Sport Pendle, CSP, in Colne, on a Saturday where they take part in road rides.

Ben, from Colne, goes on long bike rides twice a week, while Eilidh completed three 30-40 mile rides every week.

Both said they enjoyed cycling because it kept them fit but they only wanted to enjoy the sport as a hobby.