June 2017: Wordsmiths win £200 for school

WORD wizards from Haslingden High School’s Year 7 are the third best in the country.

They took part in a literacy competition ‘Word Mania’ where they were given a grid of 15 letters and had to create as many words of any length within three minutes.

The online challenge pitted school against school through an app and Year 7, 8 and 9 at Haslingden High School competed.

Top of the class was Charlotte Clements, 12, who got the most words out of the selection of letters.

She said: “This is a game that we play on our iPads in our spare time and sometimes in lessons. It helps you with your English and is a bit like a wordsearch, the faster you type correct words and the longer they are the more points you get.”

Rebecca Ormerod, 12, said the game had improved her spelling. She said: “When I would have a spelling test at primary school I would get 3/10 but now I have improved and I am getting 10/10.

“We compete in different age groups and for us we were against other Year 7s across the country.”

The wordsmiths won the school a trophy and £200.

Kalan Uddin, 12, said: “It is a simple game but when you play it draws you in and you want to beat your friends’ scores.”