April 2017: Icelandic trip brings geography to life

GEOGRAPHY came to life for students of Haslingden High School when they witnessed the spectacular sites of Iceland.

They saw for real the tectonic plates, as well as basalt rock columns and spectacular waterfalls.

A party of 44 GCSE students and five members of staff made the five-day trip.

Oliver Gardner, 14, said: “It was very good and interesting, When you got outside of Reykjavik there was just nothing for miles and it was like you were driving into the middle of nowhere.”

Students described how on one side the landscape was flat reclaimed land while on the other the huge snow-capped mountains could be seen.

Jessica Feeney, 15, said: “I can now put the geography I learn into reality. I will no longer just be reading about it but I will see it and I will be able to remember what I saw in Iceland.

“I think it will help me to understand what I am learning even better.”

The party went to the beach, but found it a complete contrast to their summer holiday destinations as the sand was black and in the ocean were icebergs.

Ellie-Rose Ormerod, 14, said: “We got to walk behind a waterfall and it was very cold and we all got very wet.”

They all agreed that their favourite part was getting to swim in the Blue Lagoon, a massive natural geothermal open air pool where they also enjoyed mud face treatments. They would all like to return to the country in the future.