April 2017: Caring Mia uses wages to buy Easter eggs for others

CARING teenager Mia Halstead worked her usual Saturday shift then turned her wages into Easter Eggs and donated them to her school appeal.

Mia, 14, from Haslingden High School has worked in Cissy Green’s shop in Haslingden town centre since the beginning of Year 8.

She said: “I work on a Saturday and also a couple of days after school. I am not saving money for anything at the moment so I decided to buy Easter eggs.

“At first I brought in 13 eggs and now I have added a further six. I just thought I didn’t need the money and when you are down, chocolate always cheers you up.”

The Year 9 student wants to be a University Professor of Philosophy.

Teacher Lisa Southee, who organises the collection, said: “Once again Haslingden High’s students have taken the opportunity to help others and have given generously.

“This charity event has seen our students donate around 200 Easter eggs that will be given to the Women’s Refuge in Manchester, a local food bank and Coffee 4 Craig.

“Mia spent her Saturday job wages on eggs for the Women’s Refuge – to ensure children who are facing a difficult situation have a small treat over Easter – what an inspiration she is to others.”