February 2017: Stunning ski trip to Spain

A SENSATIONAL skiing trip to Spain saw 43 students from Haslingden High School taking to the slopes.

For one student, 14-year-old Millie Todd, a mix-up over her luggage meant her suitcase was missing for a day and a half and she found skiing in jeans a rather difficult experience; fortunately five hours of private tuition meant she soon caught up.

She said: “We flew to Amsterdam and then on to Barcelona, but unfortunately my suitcase didn’t make it. I did enjoy learning to ski as I had never done it before and I now want to go back again next year.”

A total of 43 students from Years 8 to 11 went on the trip.

Belle Barrett, 14, had previously skied in Austria as a young child and last year had been to Finland.

She said: “The trip was fun and I got to make friends with students from different years that I didn’t know before. I was able to ski down a red slope by the end of the six days; that is the second most difficult.”

Complete novice Imogen Deal, 14, admitted she was pretty scared at the start of the week, but by the end was skiing, but not jumping, over moguls, small hills.

As well as skiing, the students also got to try tubing, enjoyed quizzes and a bowling night.

Ben Roberts, 15, had practised at Ski Rossendale, but said the ‘real thing’ was much easier than a dry ski slope.

PE teacher Nikki Mongan said: “The students were split into five different ability groups and the tutor said the beginners’ group was the best he had ever taught in his 15 years as an instructor.

“It was 22C and there was fresh snow every day. The resort was empty so the students got lots of chances to ski.

“The students were praised by the hotel staff who said they were very well behaved and were extremely neat and tidy.”