January 2017: Cambridge beckons for students

STUDENTS who have been identified as potential Oxbridge candidates went on a two-day trip to Cambridge University.

The five Year 11 students from Haslingden High School are scholars with Villiers Park, and a mentor from the scheme comes into school on a three-weekly basis to assist them with any work and revision.

In Cambridge they learnt how to create a cypher and how to break a code written by another group of students.

They also got to visit Trinity College where they were given a guided tour, spoke to students and learnt all about the admission requirements and what bursaries are available.

The trip exploded some myths the students had as several thought the scholars at Cambridge would be ‘posh’ and it would be very expensive to attend.

Grace White, 15, said: “It made it less scary because I now know what Cambridge is like.

“I never realised it is 32 different colleges and thought it was all one big building.

“Visiting the college made me realise that all the people there are just like any of us.”

Daniel Herterick, 15, was amazed at how many students used bicycles to get around.

Mentors from Villiers Park work with students from Years 10 to 13 at Haslingden High School. The scholars also get to go to Lancaster University for a residential and to other participating schools for workshops.