January 2017: Awards’ evening lauds students’ success

STUDENTS who achieved the school’s second highest number of A*s and As in their GCSEs were praised by their Headteacher who warned of volatility to come.

Describing the Class of 2016 at Haslingden High School as having ‘escaped the eye of the GCSE storm’, Headteacher Mark Jackson told the awards’ evening guests 69.4 per cent of those students gained the benchmark A* to C grades in both English and maths.

He said: “As many of you will be aware, the educational landscape has already started to change and will continue to change significantly over the next few years.

“The examinations sat by our Class of 2016 have already changed considerably since 2014, but they are the last year to sit GCSE exams that will all be graded entirely on the current A*-G scale.

“Our current Year 11 will sit GCSEs in English Language, English Literature and maths which are graded 9-1 and are significantly different in a number of ways. Year 10 will sit new GCSEs in most subjects and current Year 9 new GCSEs in all subjects.

“There will, no doubt, be considerable volatility in the new examination system over the next few years.”

He highlighted that one in eight students who sat GCSEs in 2016 had achieved six or more A* and A grades and nine students achieved A* and A grades in all their subjects.

Mr Jackson added: “We define achievement in its widest sense and Haslingden High School remains totally committed to providing a rich and varied range of opportunities for all students to grow, not just academically, but socially, morally, physically and spiritually too.”

Special guest was, who had met a number of the students when they were involved in a ‘War of the Roses’ Sky Sports rugby initiative.




Eve Challinger Award, for Key Stage 4 top Achiever, Lauren Griffin and Ian Powell; Headteacher’s Award for Endeavour, Phoebe Spencer-Hall; The Rotary Club Award for Services to Our Community, Shahrin Nahar; PTFA prize for Good Sportsmanship, Louise Smith; The Edith McCarthy prize for Cheerful Endeavour, Annie Ryder; The Gemma Turner Award for Contributions to the Performing Arts, Molly Blake; The Mary Wilson Music Award for Outstanding Achievement, George Lawryshyn.


Faculty prizes.

Design and Technology: catering, excellence William Robinson, endeavour, Daniel Johnson; Graphic Products, excellence Caitlin Marshall, endeavour Lydia Matthews; Children’s Care: Learning and Development, excellence Rebecca Seddon, endeavour Shamayla Shah; Resistant Materials, excellence Harry Ingrouille, endeavour Callum Entwistle; Health and Social Care, excellence Tassnova Miah,  endeavour Simona Suleman.

English: English Language, excellence Erin Wilson, endeavour Ahren Hart and Kay Chattwood; English Literature, excellence Ben Blackburn, endeavour Suhayma Rahman and Hashim Khan.

Expressive Arts: Art, excellence Hannah Seeley and Lauren Griffin, endeavour James Fuller; Dance, excellence Jordan Carter, endeavour Eleanor Taylor; Drama, excellence Millie Fitzpatrick, endeavour Domenica Bilardi; Music, excellence Emily Wilkinson, endeavour Meesha Ellison; Music Technology, excellence Callum Entwistle, endeavour Lloyd Worthington.

Humanities: Geography, excellence Madeeha Khan Isreal, endeavour Daniel Tully and Olivia Lord; History, excellence Jack Bacon, endeavour Harry Rostron; Sociology, excellence Anna Pyrah, endeavour Shahrin Nahar; Religious Studies, excellence Ella Boland, endeavour          Jack Bacon.

CBM: Computer Science, excellence Simona Suleman, endeavour Hazera Begum; Business Studies, excellence Ian Powell, endeavour Hannah Lord; ICT, excellence Louise Smith, endeavour Adam Hanson; Cambridge National ICT, excellence Aqeel Khan, endeavour Cameron Brown; Media Studies, excellence Sophie Riordan, endeavour Lydia Matthews.

Learning Support, excellence Tierney Grieves, endeavour Isobelle Groome; ASDAN, excellence Chloe Mostyn.

Mathematics: excellence Ian Powell, endeavour Kieran Wood and Harry Rostron.

Modern Foreign Languages: French, excellence Hazeera Begum, endeavour Harris Glynn; German, excellence Lauren Smithson, endeavour Carla O’Brian.

Boys PE, excellence Harris Glynn, endeavour Max Lyth; girls PE, excellence Leonah Ellis, endeavour Georgia Greenhalgh.

Science: Core and Additional Biology, excellence Alice Oates, endeavour Shamayla Shah and Atlanta Murphy; Core and Additional Chemistry, excellence Rebecca Seddon, endeavour Simona Suleman and Callum Robinson; Core and Additional Physics, excellence Lily King, endeavour Kieran Wood and Nathan Locke; Triple Science Biology, excellence Ian Powell, endeavour Annie Ryder; Triple Science Chemistry, excellence Ginu George, endeavour           Leonah Ellis; Triple Science Physics, excellence Lauren Griffin, endeavour Phoebe Spencer Hall.

Exceptional Attendance Awards: Henry Thomas, James Chapman, Alice Oates, Oliver Cameron and Phoebe Spencer Hall.