November 2016: Card designed by student is picked to represent charity


TALENTED artist Amy Barlow designed a Christmas card at a school art club and her design was picked to be used by a national charity.

She had no idea that her teacher was going to enter her card, complete with angel and snowflakes, into a competition and so was even more surprised to discover she had won.

Amy, 12, from Helmshore, is in Year 8 at Haslingden High School and enjoys attending the art club organised by Head of Visual Arts Sally Tembo.

Amy said: “The teacher picked some of the cards and sent them into the competition, but I had no idea what was happening.

amy-card“Then in an assembly I was asked to go on the stage and was presented with copies of my picture on the cards.

“I like art because it is something I have always been good at. Everyone else is better than me in other subjects but I have always been better in art.”

Amy said she enjoys art that involves patterns and she used a combination of coloured pencils and paint to create her angel card.

The card has now been printed by the charity and is for sale on its website to raise funds for the work of Facial Palsy UK.

Karen Johnson, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said: “Facial Palsy UK supports people affected by facial paralysis due to any cause. Some people are affected on just one side of their face and some on both sides.

“We chose Amy’s design to represent bilateral facial paralysis. People affected are unable to show facial expression but their personalities shine through.

“Amy had put a great level of detail into her card design and we felt the angel, with her neutral expression, radiated warmth and peace.

It said to us that you don’t always need facial expression to express yourself and that we should look beyond the obvious.”