November 2016: High flying trampolinists bring home trophies


TALENTED trampolinists from Haslingden High School competed in the Bolton Tariff competition and bounced away with a plethora of trophies and medals.

Individual and team performances were excellent despite the fact five of the 17 participants had never competed before.

One was 13-year-old Alicia Joyce, from Rawtenstall, who won her individual category and helped her team to fourth place.

She said: “I was nervous because I had never taken part in a competition before, but I got a few practices in first and that meant I had got rid of most of my nerves.

“In the routine you had to perform 10 moves. I have only been attending trampoline club for the past two months, but I want to do more competitions.”

Maddie Davies, 12, from Rising Bridge, from Year 8 had previously entered a competition when she came next to last place so was delighted when at this event she helped her team get second place.

She said: “We have to do our routine twice and the judges score each of them. They then add the totals to give your final score.

“Doing so well has boosted my confidence and there is another competition coming up in Preston.”

Alicia added: “When you get on the trampoline it doesn’t matter if you are in first or last place, what matters is that you compete.”

The Year 8 team of Max Constant, Jack Waters, Ben Wilson and Milly Bolton won their category. Max was also first in the individual and Jack was third.

A mixed age team of Year 10 students Lois Hilton, Poppy Smyth and Nuala Kearney with Year 7 Poppy Smith were second in their team category.

A team comprising Megan McTernan and Gabrielle Lloyd from Year 9, and Toby Smith, Year 8, were fifth.

Year 7 Hannah Wilson was part of a second placed team while Katie Rawson, Year 8 was a member of a third placed team. Year 7 Hannah Sabri’s team won their category.

PE teacher Erika Wilson said: “Special mention needs to go to Emily Nuttall, Year 8, who was unfortunately let down by teammates who didn’t turn up.

“Emily performed really well and would have claimed second team place had there been another member.”

Sophie Cook was assistant coach for the day.