November 2016: Christmas hamper cheer from generous students


KIND-HEARTED students are collecting items for hampers to bring Christmas cheer.

The Yuletide tradition at Haslingden High School sees forms tasked with bringing in hampers and this year Religious Studies teacher Lisa Southee, who co-ordinates the appeal, has given the forms a choice.

She said: “Each form has been tasked to make a hamper to bring a person Christmas cheer, or one for the dog or cat rescue.

“I have also asked them to personalise the hamper either for a family or an individual or for someone in the women’s refuge.

“In the Sixth Form they have also been asked to produce a care package for an individual who is homeless and inside a rucksack I have asked for them to collect a sleeping bag, raincoat, jumper, underwear, gloves, a hat and scarf and a voucher for a drink.

“We will be working with Coffee 4 Craig, a Manchester based charity, to distribute these care packages.

“The hampers will also go to local residents.”

Already a hamper has been brought into school by Ella McGovern, from Year 9, the first of many.