November 2016: High flying trampoline students celebrate new equipment


STUDENTS are now benefiting from two trampolines bought for school thanks to the backing of generous local businesses.

Two of Haslingden High School’s four trampolines were worn out, but thanks to an appeal just before summer, and a contribution from the school budget, the equipment has now been bought and has been installed.

PE teacher Erika Wilson said: “They arrived just before half-term and two engineers worked to build them. I have already tried them out, as has our trampoline coach Kelly Constant.

Mrs Wilson said: “We are going to wait until the new equipment has been bedded in before our teams use it because it will be quite different to the trampolines they use in competition.”

Kelly used to attend Haslingden High School and Mrs Wilson taught her. She was strong at cross country running, athletics and trampolining and has worked in the leisure industry as well as running the club in school.

Her older son Max is in Year 8 and is also in the school trampoline team.

The trampolines cost £8,500 with the lion’s share of the money being provided through sponsorship.