November 2016: Class 2km Grass gets students off their marks


KEEN runner and maths teacher Paul Young has introduced a new club at Haslingden High School to get teachers and students fitter.

Class 2km Grass sees the participants run two laps of the school field on a pre-marked course on the first Monday of the month.

When the first club was held in October Mr Young was delighted to find 99 runners racing the course.

However the popularity didn’t wane as 95 runners took to the field this week.

He said: “I had been expecting about 30-40. They were from all different age groups, a lot of Year 7s and more boys than girls.”


From November’s run the first back was Harris Glynn, 16, and the first girl home was Lily Haygarth, 14, who was 10th.

Mr Young said: “As well as all the students we had five members of staff join in. We are doing it to improve health, fitness and wellbeing in school and to promote running throughout the Rossendale area.”

Harris has just started Sixth Form and enjoys running and football. He plans to complete the Manchester marathon when he is 18, following in the footsteps of his dad Garry and sister Brodie, 21, who have already run it.

He is also aiming to complete a triathlon by the time he is 20.

Harris said: “I am not a member of a club because I like to run on my own, but doing this as a school is good because everyone likes to show how good they are so I decided to get involved.”

Year 9 student Lily, like Mr Young, is a member of Rossendale Harriers. She said: “I was surprised at how many people turned up. I think it is a good idea because it promotes fitness.”

Mr Young added: “For those who are used to running it is good training and for those who don’t run often it is good for building up the stamina.”

The next Class 2km Grass will be after school on December 5.