September 2016: Students blow their own trumpets at nursery school


NURSERY children got the chance to play a brass instrument when three former pupils returned to school to give a mini concert.

James and Harry Turner along with Seren Dwyfor-Jones spent a day of their summer holidays at Bacup Nursery School.

Along with Seren’s mum Tina, who is also Chair of Governors, they arrived at the Cowtoot Lane school in their Scout uniforms because they are all members of 2nd Rossendale Scout Group Band, based in Bacup.

Haslingden High School pupil James, 15, said; “We showed the children our brass instruments and let them hear what they sounded like.

“We played a duet and then we all played a Hymn together and then let the children have a go at trying to get a note out of the instruments.

“It feels a lot smaller in nursery than I remember. I really enjoyed playing outside here.”

Miley_JamesJames and Harry, 13, played cornets while Seren, 12, played horn and Tina played baritone and also brought along a huge tuba.

After the mini-concert, several pupils were successful in getting a sound out of the instruments and the drum proved popular.

Olivia Knapper, four, said: “It was fun and I got to play one of the instruments.

“My brothers play instruments, one plays a horn and the other a trombone, but my brothers do not let me play their instruments.

“It made a noise when I blew it. I am going to join band and maybe go to Rainbows or Scouts.”

Headteacher Andrea Cooper said she was delighted to welcome former pupils back into school to share their talents.

She said: “We have had former pupils who are now at Whitworth Community High School back in and who are now fire cadets, we get former pupils on work experience and placement from college and it is really nice to see them.

“Brass instruments are something most of the pupils have never seen before and never had the chance to play.

“It is about giving the children different experiences. It was also good that the former pupils and Tina lead the session and not staff. They did a really good job.”