September 2016: Sam one step nearer trike goal


OVERWHELMING support has been received for a teenager’s appeal for a mountain trike to help him be independent.

Three weeks ago the Learning Support Faculty at Haslingden High School launched an appeal for Sam Ainsworth, 15, from Bankside Lane, Bacup and already nearly 70 per cent of the £4,750 has been raised

They want to get a special mountain trike to help him with his Duke of Edinburgh Award and to enable him to be more mobile and independent at home.

Thanks to 58 personal donations on and money raised on the school’s Charity Day nearly the appeal stands at £3,247.

Teaching Assistant Lee Trickett donated a mountain bike that he had built and the raffle on Charity Day raised £1,300 with the bike being won by Year 7 Ilyas Istkhar.

A rowing challenge was held when Sam completed the final 300m so the combined distance was more than 100km, camp food and ice lollies were also sold on what was the hottest day and this added more than £230.

Sam rowingSam’s family are delighted by the appeal’s success and very grateful to every one of the donors.

Sam has Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, an inherited muscle-wasting condition, which affects the motor and sensory nervous system

His feet were pointing outwards and surgeons took bone from his hip to straighten his foot, however he has also now developed a condition that affects his hands making writing difficult sometimes and he now requires regular infusions to stop his immune system attacking itself.

Lee said: “We are delighted by how well the appeal has gone and we are now asking for raffle prize donations as we are giving a free raffle ticket for every £10 donated on JustGiving.”

There is only £1,503 now to be raised to get the trike and it will be in school on September 7 for Sam to have a trial. People who have sponsored the trike are also welcome to call into school between 2pm and 3pm to see Sam give it a test ride.

Sam’s mum Tina said: “I’ve privately messaged everyone on the JustGiving page I know to say thank you, however there are people I don’t know that have given money which is even more humbling.

“As a family we are completely overwhelmed at people’s kindness and generosity. It’s truly amazing how much money has been raised in such a short time.”

The trike will allow Sam to propel himself by moving his hands forwards and backwards. His does not have the strength in his feet to move a chair, nor the ability to propel a wheel using his hands.

Sam said: “It is going to allow me to get out of my house by myself and it is going to give me independence.

“I get tired very easily and at the moment have to use a manual wheelchair and then I need someone to push me, so that is not being independent.”

On his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh he borrowed am all terrain trike from Hothersall Lodge, but it was foot operated so he needed to be pushed.

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