May 2016: Students sample snails on trip to France

FranceSTUDENTS enjoyed a magnifique time when they went to France for a long weekend and even got to sample snails.

The Haslingden High School trip saw 41 Year 8 students stay at PGL at Boulogne and visit a Sea Life Centre, market, snail farm and bakery.

Megan McTernan celebrated her 13th birthday while on the trip.

She said: “We went to a snail farm and we were offered some of the cooked snails to eat and snail pate, but I didn’t want to eat them. We also went to a bakery and the oven they used was more than 80 years old, but the baker said he preferred to use the old wooden oven.

“He was talking to us in French and our teacher had to translate some of what he was saying, but we could understand quite a bit.

“We got to see croissants, pain au chocolat and baguettes being made.

Students also got free time to explore the market and small town of Le Touquet as well as going to a beach and a theme park.

Megan added: “Going on the trip has helped me understand the French culture better. When we went to the shops I had a go at speaking French and I think it will have helped me in my lessons at school.”