May 2016: CERN trip for Physics students


PHYSICS students enjoyed a busy five-day visit to Geneva in Switzerland.

The 18 Haslingden High School Year 12 and 13 students visited CERN, home to the Hadron Collider, and they saw its much smaller particle accelerator brother.

Physics teacher Phil Rawlinson said: “The trip was first run three years ago and it shows students how physics can be applied.

“They learnt that the work that is being carried out at CERN is leading our understanding of particles and dark matter.

“We study particle physics as part of A level work and the students got to meet some of the researchers.”

“There was also down time and the students got to visit a water park, go on Lake Geneva in a boat and dine at Le Grill steakhouse.”

David Holt, 17, will be studying physics at university and James Almond,18, is looking forward to completing a mathematics degree.

James said: “We went to the United Nations building in Geneva and then on the second day we got to visit CERN.”

Both James and David were surprised by how small the particle accelerator they saw was as the more famous Hadron Collider is in a circular tunnel some 17 miles in circumference.