March 2016: Artist’s new found talent wins her top award


TALENTED artist Caitlin Woodend only started learning art properly in September, but her creative talents have already led her to win a competition.

Cailtlin, 11, a Year 7 student at Haslingden High School, attends the weekly after school art club and submitted an entry in the 2016 Rossendale Rotary Club Art Competition, judged by an Ofsted Art Inspector.

One senior school winner was picked and Caitlin said she was shocked to discover it was her painting.

She said: “I created a picture of a daisy. I first used sponges to create the background in different shades of green and then I painted a daisy in white and yellow.

“I then cut up newspapers to get words that were relevant to flowers, stuck them on sticky tape and soaked them so the print went onto the tape, then carefully removed the paper. The words were then stuck onto the painting.


“Finally I got some lace and painted it white, silver and cream, pressed it to make a print and then used the print as a border around the edge of the picture of the daisy.

“It took me about four –five sessions working one lesson a week.”

Caitlin has been awarded £50.

There were two primary school winners – Amelia Watkins from Helmshore Primary School and Sara-Jane Chippendale from Waterfoot Primary School, who both won £30.

An exhibition of all the entries will be held in Rossendale in the near future and it is hoped to run the competition again next year.