January 2016: It’s a dog’s life for Mrs Pollard’s form

Max1ANIMAL loving students in a form at Haslingden High School have so far adopted two dogs at Rochdale Dog Rescue.

When Assistant Headteacher Elaine Edyvean asked for students to collect hampers, Mandy Pollard’s form chose to collect a hamper of dog food and treats for a rescued dog.

She said: “Our first adopted dog was Max and the form bought him food and bits of treats. We collected money and bought him his own bed and then he was rehomed but it didn’t work out and he was sent back.

Max“Now he has a permanent home with a couple and so we got him a special lead, which has printed on it ‘With lots of love 11P’.

“Now the first Max has a home, the form has decided to adopt a second dog, who just happens to also be called Max.

“This time Max is a Staffordshire/bulldog and he has been in the kennels for 18 months.”