January 2016: Four join Millionaire Club at Haslingden High School


STUDENTS at Haslingden High School have become millionaires after devouring scores of books and reading a million words.

Year 7 students were set the challenge to encourage reading.

The initiative has been introduced this year by Sara Devine, Literacy Co-ordinator, and already, after just one term, four students have achieved the milestone.

Olivia Doody. Oliver Stroud, Belle Cain and Charlotte Dawson have all joined the Millionaires’ Club.

Belle, 12, explained: “I only started Year 7 three weeks in to the year, but since then I have read 41 books and I have also read more than a million words.

“I usually read at night because it sends me to sleep and sometimes I read in the car on my way to school.

“I like girlie books and I enjoyed Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.”

Fellow millionaire Charlotte Dawson, 11, said: “I really enjoy when I come home from school and I start reading because it takes all my worries away.

“Since September I have read about 40 books and I like reading adventure and girlie books.”

After each book has been read the students complete a series of questions to test their knowledge. To earn bronze students must read six books for silver a further 12 must be read and another 18 for gold.