January 2016: Scheme sees students reading hundreds of books


AN incredible 163 books were read by the winning forms in a new initiative at Haslingden High School.

Sara Devine, Literacy Co-ordinator, said: “Accelerated reader has been introduced in Years 7 and 8 and the winning forms were 8A, where 139 books were read and 7F, with 124 books.

“There were also winning students who had read the most books – Year 7 students Olivia Doody and Bailey McCavana.

“The students taking part were offered a choice of books in an age range suitable for them and at the end they completed a quiz to show their knowledge of the book.”

Katie Taylor, from Year 8, said: “Last year I never really read much but now I want to read and I will read 100 pages at any one time.

“I am on my tenth book since September and have read 806,937 words. I really like dystopian books and ones where the characters have a puzzle to solve like The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.”

More than 40 books have been read by Bailey, 11. He said: “I like the peace you get when you are reading and one time I got so immersed in the book I was reading I finished it in 45 minutes.”